October 21, 2017

Kountry Kraft Announces Water Borne Finishes

The HYDRO Line

The concept of “Green” became the buzz word several years ago and many customers began to request cabinetry that met this demand. Therefore, in 2009, and after some debate, Kountry Kraft, Inc. introduced water borne finish for these clients. The debate revolved around providing a product

that we felt did not meet our quality standards; clients were requesting it, therefore we made it available with the understanding that “

it is what it is”, a concept that we were not accustomed to promoting.In 2010 Sherwin Williams purchased Sayerlack from Arch Chemicals, a company associated with high quality, environmentally conscious, and

“THE” premier water borne finish for the cabinet industry. We now feel proud to promote the HYDRO Line, a product that we feel meets our quality standards.Our initial offering for the

HYDRO Line will consist of four sample blocks, Natural, Butternut, Alpine, and Swiss Coffee. Sounds limited, but we hope this will display the quality of our waterborne finishes. We will match any existing paint color offered in our color block system, and as colors are formulated (matched) in the HYDRO Line we will make them available to you. Considering that our existing stains contain no formaldehyde, any of our existing stains can be applied with the HYDRO sealer and HYDRO topcoat and will comply to customers seeking a product that will not out gas formaldehyde.These finishes will be available in 15 & 30 degree sheens; certain finishes are being tested in higher sheens, soon to be available as well. The colors will be referenced as:

HYDRO Natural

HYDRO Butternut

HYDRO Alpine

HYDRO Swiss Coffee

This finish has met or exceeded KCMA requirements, and we are happy to announce that Kountry Kraft’s Lifetime Limited Warranty will include the HYDRO LINE

. Understandably the cost of this material is higher than standard finishes and HYDRO stained and paint finishes will have a 5% finish premium.(Glaze is not currently available in waterborne.)

You can visit the KCMA web site for information regarding requirements for cabinet finishes.


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