October 21, 2017

Why Not To Buy Cheap / Inexpensive Cabinets From China

This is an actual email from a contractor we bid a cabinetry job for last year.   The customer ended up going with the cheap option with the following result.   The contractor was writing to see if we could replace all the door and drawer fronts with one of our quality cabinetry lines:

“Hi Lynn (Co-Owner, Phinney Ridge Cabinet Company),

I’m not sure if you remember bidding on these drawings, but you did last year. Long story short, they are a family friend of mine and they decided to go the cheap route, via (local cabinet supplier – we hid the name). The cabinet doors, made and painted in china, are horrible. Dirt in the paint, light paint, damage, etc… (local cabinet supplier) has tried to re-spray them and they still look bad. We are in the process of taking the next with them, which will most likely involve small claims court. “

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