October 21, 2017

Buy Local

Don’t send the love to China or Sweden. Especially not knowing the chemicals used (urea formaldehyde?) or, saddest of all, the unknown and possibly very young age of the laborer. All of our products, labor and their resources, are from the United States or Canada, exept the guides and hinges which are from Germany.

We eat here, sleep here, buy gas here, shop here, get our nails here, get sick here, get better here, play here, live here!

Think, buy, work local.

Check out this youtube video on buying local:

Bellingham, Washington – A Local Living Economy

Phinney Ridge Cabinet Company is a founding member of the Seattle Good Business Network.   An organization focusing on local businesses.

Thank you for visiting PRcabinets.com, the online home for Seattle’s most personally attentive, product ensured, and – best of all – fun cabinet design company.

Our mission is simple; have fun designing cabinetry with our clients as we help to make their dreams come true!


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